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Connecting Dots


Based in Phoenix, Volta US is an electrical engineering firm specializing in high-complexity projects such as electrical and life safety systems for buildings and facilities. Our culture emphasizes adventure and offers employees the chance to directly influence processes and culture.


At our core, we aim to create opportunities where there are none. We expand our realm of possibilities and step into the impossible. As a team, we strive to push past our comfort zone, as we know this to be a catalyst for growth and opportunity. 



We enjoy our work. We believe in the impact our business has and will have on all of our stakeholders. We face challenges with confidence as a team.


We push limits. We thrive on adventure, challenges, and risk taking. We are innovators continuously looking for ways to improve. We question the status quo.


We focus on the details in order to execute flawlessly. We are accountable. You will find us through good and tough times, from start to finish.


We build relationships based on loyalty and respect. We treat everyone like a client. We mentor with tactic and wisdom. We value the individual.

Force For Good

We fight for the underdog. We elevate our stakeholders. We operate beyond expectations.

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